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Our Partners

Mvura Ya Upenhu Cuidados Paliativos


Mvura Ya Upenhu Cuidados Paliativos (Living Waters Palliative Care) is a community-based palliative care program. Our goal is to teach families and communities the value of caring well for their loved one, through an untreatable disease process, until the end of life. We, as a team, visit patients at home and address care issues in regards to physical, spiritual, psychological and social needs. By using both basic pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions our goal is always comfort. We want to facilitate an environment of peace, hope and love as we try to enhance quality of life. Through it all we strive to bring hope and allow living waters to flow from us to our patients (John 7:38) .Through this living water may the hope be that one day God will wipe away every tear from our eyes, Revelation 7:17.

Audio Scripture Ministries


Audio Scripture Ministries(ASM) was launched in 1967 with the vision to use technology to make God's Word available to non-readers around the world.  Now, nearly 50 years later, the technology has changed but the mission is still the same.  ASM began their work in Mozambique in 2005 with the establishment of a small recording studio in the southern province of Gaza.  Since 2005 ASM has recorded Scriptures in 9 languages of Mozambique and has distributed over 12,000 solar recharged audio Bibles.  In an effort to facilitate recording and distribution of audio Scripture materials in the central region, ASM is partnering with Passo a Passo to develop a small studio/distribution center.  This studio will also act as a training facility to offer students at Passo a Passo the opportunity to learn digital media production. For more information, visit our website : 



iReachAfrica is dedicated to public health initiatives, education programs, agricultural development, and social advancement throughout Africa.  We are charting a new course for the nations we serve: 

‘out of poverty into prosperity, out of sickness into health, out of darkness into light.’  

In practical ways we embrace and assist widows and orphans, the hungry, the sick, and the incarcerated. We are a faith-based organization that volunteers and serves without regard to race, creed, gender, religion, or age.  

iReachAfrica is privileged to partner with them as they educate and develop high school students and launch them into the future.

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