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A Glimpse of Life

Charles Harvey, Grace Ministries Thailand



The following is an account of a day in the life of  Francis & Ursula by Ursula’s brother Charles Harvey on his visit to Passo a Passo.Charles, along with his wife, Yoke Fong is the founder and director of Grace Ministries Thailand, "...twenty years in Thailand had not prepared me for the abject poverty that Francis and Ursula deal with on a daily basis, life and death go hand in hand here, they are a mother and father to so many people, their home and their hearts are always open to daily requests for help from the people they love and serve."

One Step At A Time

Tracy Evans, iReachAfrica



What does it look like to see a nation ravaged by war and poverty shift gears, heal and develop before your eyes?  Picture a plot of land covered in woodlands transformed into secondary school classrooms, a football pitch and gardens in the space of only five years.  It borders on the miraculous.  We hear the laughter of students in those classrooms and see them, for the first time, envision their future because they now have the hope of a secondary school education. That's what transformation is all about: educated minds, hearts full of God's love, hope for tomorrow.  It's happening one step at a time. 

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